The Jokes On You!

It’s double the fun of our best-selling 6 prank kit! Get 12 premium practical jokes that are sure to keep kids and adults laughing!

The Original Boxed Set!

Contains: Magic Ink, Hand Buzzer, Snake in A Can, Pet Vomit, Fart Whistle, Goofy Teeth, Pet Poop, Suirt Gum, X-Ray Specs, Squirt Ring, Dribble Glass and Money Snatcher.

Warning: Contents Can Be Sidesplitting!

Hot Pancakes! It looks like the Jokes On You 12 Prank Set is currently available for purchase over on Amazon.

You can always look for the Jokes on You 12 Prank Set, and other fun Reeve + Jones products, at your local specialty toy and gift retailer. If they aren’t carrying the Reeve + Jones line, tell them they should!